Jeff Free's

Keep Off Comedian Tour

"It's time to clean up our act America"

Comedian Jeff Free is taking his show on the road... Literally. Walking coast to coast from Ocean City, MD to San Francisco, CA along Route 50 (WHERE LEGALLY POSSIBLE) and performing FREE SHOWS! The Keep Off Comedian Tour starts April 1, 2014 Through October 1, 2014. Formerly known as ZenBob, his act was... well let's just say NOT clean. He has cleaned up his act and will be picking up trash along his walk to help raise awareness about the problem of roadside litter and what we can all do to help.
EVERYONE'S a Comedian! you think you're funny? I do too.
send me pics with captions or videos of your originality and I will share them on my site (if they pass approval) 

CARPOOL DIEM !! (seize the day and share the ride)